Saturday, August 05, 2006

Butterbean, the unlikely combatant

Trouble, if I ever saw it!
There's no question that Eric Esch, AKA Butterbean is an amazing specimen. He's burst onto the boxing scene in the mid-90's as a curiosity, almost a sideshow. He was a 5'11" bald dude (before that was in), with a weight varying between 350 and 370 pounds. Butterbean had a reputation of taking on anyone. He fought mostly rookies and journeymen for years, then lost a 10-round decision Larry Holmes. Since then he's been a spoiler, and I don't think anyone wants to fight him because he won't make you look good, and most likely will make you look bad - he's got skills and a decent chin.

Wikipedia says it well, "Known as the "King of 4 rounders," Butterbean is a fighter who first emerged on the Toughman scene in America before entering the world of professional boxing in 1994. Butterbean has developed a cult following and is adored by enthusiastic fans who come out in droves to see him fight."

Esch then moved into the other combat sports, kickboxing and now, MMA. I look for him to do fencing, archery, kendo, and Savate (ready for him George?).

BOXING: Per, his pro boxing record is 72-7, with 4 draws, winning 54 bouts by KO.
MMA: Sherdog lists his MMA record 6 - 1 - 1, incuding 5 submissions!
K-1: Sherdog lists him at 1-3.

Hat tip: Sweet Science.
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