Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today's TDA Tip: Modify the Backfist for Practical Use

The backfist is one of the most versatile techniques out there. It has almost no effect with boxing gloves on (other than the spinning variety), but without gloves is a great lead-off technique, and can stun an attacker with and set up many other techniques. In point-fighting, it's probably the most common hand technique due to it's speed, and because power isn't much of a consideration, but how do you use it safely and effectively "on the street?"

First of all, you have to realize that you shouldn't use it on the street. As a self-defense tool, most people aren't prepared to throw it properly. To do that, you have to angle your hand back, with the top of your hand bent back, and try to connect with the first two knuckles. If done properly, it's a fine technique, but if Back hammerfistnot, you risk breaking the bones on the back of your hand on the curved or pointed surface of the skull. In other words it takes skill and tons of practice. Plus, as with any punch, if you hit hard enough on a hard surface you will hurt or maim your hands, and we know what that can mean when there're no rules and no referee.

Here's what we recommend: Turn your fist sideways and hit with a back hammerfist instead. If you hit with a hammerfist, there's virtually no risk of damage to the hand and you can use it all day long. The back hammerfist will have the same speed as a backfist, and will only sacrifice the concentrated point of contact that the knuckles gave you. I'll take that trade anytime. Back to work!

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