Sunday, July 23, 2006

Today's TDA Tip: Get Ready, Get Set...

In any engagement, there is always a point at which the lead-off fighter makes a decision as to what he will do, takes aim, then fires. For example, I may appraise from my opponent's stance that he has his weight planted to punch, and is getting ready, so I decide to interrupt his feeble attempt at a tactic by tossing him a good leg-kick and ruin his plan.

If you watch carefully, you can actually see that thought process occurring - watch for a tension to develop, similar to a cat about to pounce. You may even see your opponent look at the target briefly, and then you may see him about to shift weight one way or the other in preparation.

My training partners may think I have good speed, but I don't think so. I am a good counter-fighter because I see that "set point" in my partner, then read it pretty well. I then counter to where I believe their lead-off technique will leave an opening. Most of the times I am right.

Another way to deal with the oppenent when he is "set" is to just take a little step to your right or left. Try it. We have a drill where one fighter is the lead-off fighter, and the other fighter will take that small step every time he detects the set point. It's always frustrating for the lead-off fighter to learn that he can't carry through his plan over and over because the counter fighter isn't where he's aimed. Try it.

Back to work...

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