Friday, July 28, 2006

TDA TGIF musings from Nathan

  1. Thank God it's Friday! It's been a rough week, and an even rougher month, so I'm glad it's the weekend, and that the month is almost over!Visits April till now

  2. My neck still hurts from July 1. I went to a regular Dr and got muscle relaxers and a pain killer prescription. I have now gone to a chiropractor three times and have some pain relief and more range of motion. He says I have some recent damage (not just brain) in my neck, but also older from my car accidents years ago. I will be taking it easy (no falls/throws), and doing light-contact only - no Thai clinching on his advice.

  3. We are working through that Army combatives manual referred to in the last post. Sorry, I have been so busy and haven't had time to post today. I will remedy that tonight and tomorrow.

  4. Sam is going to be tested for 2nd Dan at the beginning of October. He's way overdue. I should contact someone and get 4th and 5th so I can promote others legitimately. I told someone that I'd be at least 50 before I declared myself supreme grandmaster or the ultimate supreme buttkicker or something like that. So, I need a few more years and then my ego will be very large (Sam, Mike, quiet!)

  5. I am enjoying doing this blog. Sam said he's going to start posting by contributing his thoughts and impressions of the Severn seminar - I hope so. Since I started doing this seriously in April, the traffic has more than doubled! Thanks to everyone who reads it, and please tell your friends! I hope to meet you somewhere, sometime, and perhaps train.

Gotta head home for dinner and teach my kids the roundhouse kick and wedge block tonight, so I'm outta here!

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