Thursday, July 13, 2006

Strong Future in MMA

I saw this on a New Zealand site, A Viking in the ring. It's about a 26 year-old, 6'10", 309-pound prospect Reuben de Jong, who also competes in strongman contests, earning the title of New Zealand's strongest man. de Jong recently lost his first K-1 bout, but wants to compete overseas in MMA because, "I can use my strength more to my advantage. K-1 is more suited to faster, more technical guys."

We'll see. I think he may find that speed and technique are just as important in MMA. From what I can tell, good conditioning and a good chin are also key factors. Over the years many huge men have tried the fight game, from Primo Carnera in the old days, and now Bob Sapp and Nikolay Valuev. What usually happens is that they lose. MMA may be different from boxing, but unless someone gears his training entirely to his sport, he will plateau. It'll be interesting...
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