Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Old Style Karate Training

An insightful article on "the old days." I remember back when we first started training, and we had to first build the dojo, then the instructor. But I heard once, from one of my seniors, that when he started, they didn't even have feet for kicking, and hands, let me tell you...

In seriousness, having started in the 70s, and going through so many fads, trends, and styles through the years, there has always been a nostalgia for those old days, and old masters, back before visions of riches created so many grandmasters on the flights back from Korea. I think many of us yearn for a purity in a lot of ways, from wanting to go back to the simplicity of life in a small town, the simpler times of forty or fifty years ago. I have always wondered at the stories of the turn of the century in Okinawa and Japan, of the martial arts in China and Korea before gunpowder. Read this brief article, "Kinjo Kensei & Old Style Karate Training."
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