Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Stay tuned - upcoming interviews

We have a couple of exciting interviews lined up:

Hock Hochheim of the Scientific Fighting Congress, one of the premier instructors of close quarter combatives, an expert on knife, stick, and gun combat, and a veteran of military and police law enforcement. Hock trains military, police, and civilians alike in survival skills for the urban and battlefield environment. I expect to start the interview sometime this week, and publish it by next week (if all goes according to plan).


George Ruiz of the California Savate Association, and Le Blog. Savate is an art with which I have had little exposure. So many of us think everything good in martial arts must come from the East, and it's not trues. Along with Western boxing, various styles of wrestling, cudgel, and fencing, the Western world has been killing and maiming as as much as anyone! Perhaps George will enlighten us on this esoteric style. Probably next two weeks.

So stay tuned!

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