Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Post problems with photos - RESOLVED

I didn't realize that all my posts since on (or about) June 2 haven't had photos visible. I didn't realize that because I was always uploading them from my local hard drive, and thought that they were there since I could see them . I just looked at the site from two other computers and realized that no photos are showing up!!!

I thought it was my new blog editor Qumana, but it's Blogger. According to the help site for Qumana, Blogger doesn't support uploading photos from any application at this time. Bummer. I am fixing and republishing all the posts. My apologies. I may keep using Qumana for the text, then manually upload photos with each post later. Placeholders will appear. I think I need a new host (other than Blogger).

Keep a lookout for the posts!

Update - I've fixed and reposted.

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