Sunday, June 18, 2006

Slam 'em Against the Wall

Alain Burrese has a good brief post on his Attack Back blog, "Slam 'em Against the Wall." Here it is:

One thing I have found effective in fights is to slam your attacker up against a wall, tree, car, etc. Pinning a person against an immoveable object can take away his leverage to generate powerful blows, so if he does continue to hit you, the shots will not be as powerful. You can still continue to land powerful blows to him while he is pinned. Additionally, if you slam him against the wall or car hard enough, that impact will do some damage too. In the right situations, slamming someone against something hard can be a very good move.

He makes a great point. When sparring, fighting an untrained opponent, or when we do our two-on-one drills, inevitably, I will drive someone into an object, or they will try to do the same. When you can't get someone down or tie them up ('cause they won't hold still), this is a natural tactic, and it's effective. I liken it to pinning someone, but from a vertical rather than horizontal position. Nice advice. Check out his blog.

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