Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Multiple opponents: Keep your feet moving! - video

As we've stated before (here and here), anytime you go straight back, you're probably going to get hit hard, or taken down. This is a good example of how to stay on your feet versus multiple opponents. Notice that even when Sam gets tied up, he takes down the attacker and puts him in the way of the second assailant. Watch.

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Berin Loritsch said...

I've been learning some two man defenses, and then I'll be learning some three man defenses. Basic principles apply, such as trying to keep one assailant between you and the other assailant. Like all kata/one-step sparring, the training is designed to help train your body how to respond in that situation and not be a static set of moves that are applied depending on the situation.

The defender seemed to stay between the two assailants more than I am trained to do. All it takes is one to bear hug and the other to wail on the kidneys and neck. The trick is to position yourself at the start so that you form sort of a 'V' with you at the point. Depending on who attacks first you can block, kick, kick, throw to your hearts content.

Once you have blocked one attack you have to do something to stun the other guy before you can take the first assailant down. Then during the take down, you guide the first assailant into the second. All the time keeping your eye open for the third guy. Of course, running is the final step...