Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Four Components of Training

There are four basic components of martial arts training. When you are trying to focus your training so that you can make the most improvement, you need to get a big-picture vision of what you're trying to achieve. Break down your goals and plans (to achieve those goals) into the following component areas:

  1. Attributes - these are mostly physical, but also mental & emotional:

  2. Techniques - are the individual tricks or movements that, offensively or defensively, get the job done. One example of this is a jab. They can also be combinations of individual techniques, for example, a 1-2, then Thai leg kick is a combination.

  3. Tactics - defined as specifics of the use of techniques and attributes to defeat an opponent, for example, counter-fighting is a tactic. The specific counter may vary, but the tactic must be suited to the conditions at hand. That's where strategy comes in.

  4. Strategy - is a plan of action to defeat an opponent. A good example of a winning self-defense strategy is to avoid rough areas. Another good example is to fight a larger opponent by circling, timing to counter (tactic), and finishing him on the ground (can be tactics and techniques).

You can see how all of these play into one another. Many techniques won't work without the proper attributes (like speed or determination). Many tactics won't work if your techniques aren't up to snuff. A strategy will fail if all of the above aren't present.

So, you have to plan your training around what your strategies may have to be, then work your way backward. If you are a very large and strong, but slower fighter, your strategy for unarmed fighting may have to involve grappling, as your striking is too slow, so you may need to work on conditioning (an attribute), learn grappling (techniques and tactics). Same with a fast, but weak fighter - she may need to plan her training around a strategy of fast, pinpoint strikes, surprise attacks, and excellent escapes.

Does that help? I hope so. Get to work!
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