Friday, June 23, 2006

Carjacker Thwarted By Alert Owner

This story turned out well, but was also pretty risky. This doesn't give enough detail, but I almost always recommend resisting if you may be abducted, or think you may be killed regardless of what you do. If only property is at stake, that's another story. A good source for carjacking information is Crime Doctor's carjacking page, or perhaps the Crime: Information and Prevention blog. Stay safe!

A man who attempted a carjacking in Lockland is now behind bars.

Police say that 20-year-old Maurice Waver ordered the car-owner out of his car near Street and Erie Avenue. But Waver didn't count on the car owner fighting back.

The owner stalled Waver from taking his car just long enough before police arrived and tazed Waver during the act.

Waver was then taken to the Hamilton County Justice Center and booked on five charges.

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