Sunday, May 14, 2006

Successful "Failure" of a Pre-Attack Interview

This DefendU article that says that,
"Failing your next interview can be a good self-defense strategy in preventing a rape and possibly save your life.

Because they are more "predatory" in nature than "opportunistic" (although there are certainly rapes that occur during the commission of another crime simply because the opportunity presents itself -- like say, during a burglary -- the majority of attacks are planned) rapists are on the lookout for their next victim.

Part of that game is to identify potential victims. One element of that process is to simply observe or case situations where women might be available and alone. Remember that the vast majorities of rapes are committed by someone who is acquainted with you and your situation. I'm not saying they are friends with you, just that they've seen you, they know where you work, live or shop.

Another element in their game is to "interview" you to see if you are going to make a good victim..."

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