Thursday, May 18, 2006

The MMABlogger on Why We Get Hit

The MMABlogger has linked to our post on the reasons we get hit, and added this:
The only thing I can think of that’s missing is getting hit while you’re expecting something else (GHWYESE)[Touche!-NDT]. For example, someone keeps on throwing leg kicks at you while looking at your legs, and next thing you know, he’s looking at your leg, he fakes a leg kick, but since you’re expecting a leg kick you defend with a leg block…but all of a sudden he’s throwing punches at your face.

... which is true. My emphasis in stand-up recently has been on checking and bumping to create openings and clear, but also feinting and faking to create openings, as MMABlogger is iterating. Of course, this is covered in reasons stated in the original article (out of base defensive stance, back on your heels, and/or improper guard), but he's talking about how to get your opponent to create the opening by biting on a misdirection or fake. It's a good point.

BTW, check out the videos and opinions on MMABlogger-they're usually excellent.

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