Thursday, May 04, 2006

Draw Snap-back and counter

Here is the application of the snap-back (see previous posts here and here) with the addition of the "draw. " Drawing, in the martial arts, may be defined as intentionally leaving something open, in order to "draw" an attack from your opponent. Hopefully, you are 1) a good actor, and don't reveal that it's intentional, and 2) know what you're going to do with that attack from your opponent when it gets there. Let's look at an example:

1. Being a bloodthirsty mongrel (sorry Mike), Mike sees my face out there (the draw) and can almost taste the bloody nose or lip he's about to give me (sorry, I know that's distasteful, pun intended, but I can't help myself!)! He leads...

2. The snap-back means I avoid the lead, but stay in range to counter my over-extended comrade.

3. I counter with a blistering jab of my own, creating openings for more shots.

See how it can be used? Pretty safe, just don't overuse it!

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