Friday, April 14, 2006

What Really Works - Kathy Long

Kathy Long on women's self-defense training (Black Belt Mag):

"I'm probably going to stir up some controversy here, but it needs to be said:
Most of the self-defense techniques women learn are overrated. Unless your initial strike entails sticking your finger knuckle-deep in some guy's eye or hitting him in the windpipe or groin, not much will have a significant effect in terms of deterring the assault.

Therefore, whenever I teach self-defense, I emphasize three things: knowledge of human anatomy, accuracy and commitment to executing the move. Mastering these elements will increase the likelihood of thwarting an attack on the street.

The human body has vulnerable areas, as well as parts that make excellent weapons. Therefore, to mount an effective defense, you must know exactly where to strike, how hard and with what."

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