Saturday, April 22, 2006

Training Diary 20060422

Day, Date, Time:


Saturday, 04/22/2006

Nathan, Sam, Mike

All gear required – including knee pads on 4/22

Group Training Objectives

Training Agenda


1. Warm-up

2. Review Falling to rear [5-1]

3. Fall to Prone Defensive Position drill vs. shield

4. Teach Clinch [5-2]

5. Sucker punch to clinch [5-2]

6. Shove & punch to clinch [5-2]

7. Basic takedown to Mount [5-3], then with leg hook

8. Demonstrate Clinch, takedown, mount vs. Sucker punch

10. Sparring, hands versus feet

11. Wrestling in Thai Clinch

· Falling to rear [5-1]

· Prone defensive position

· Sucker punch

· shove & punch


· Clinch [FM 3-25.150 5-2] Done

· Basic Takedown to mount [5-3] Done


· Clinch, takedown, mount vs. Sucker punch

Action Items – Nathan

· Vigilant when in range

· Simultaneous slip & counter, or stop-hit

· Stance on the balls of the feet

· Keep the lead aimed! - Circle! Practice what you preach there.

· CLEAR more consistently. Plan it before you close the gap

· Check in close

· Palms to the chin (infighting upward)

· Incorporate grabbing and striking

Action Items – Sam

· Always keep your guard in the way of what can hit you – it'll change depending on range and angle

· Stay in, or always return to, your base fighting stance, you're getting hit when you're out of it

· Clear to the side or in at a 45-degree angle; Clear behind the opponent

· Work on smooth integration of kicks, strikes, infighting (knees & elbows), trapping, then grappling

· Drill defensive kicking as a counter/stop-hit

· Work on footwork while moving to your right you step and slide well to the left, but not the right!

· Fire through the target with the rear-hand – this is improving a lot, per the tapes. Keep it up!

Action Items – Mike

· Fake and feint A LOT. Double and triple every lead hand.

· Work your combinations (inside/outside, high/low)

· Kick constantly. Stretch as much as you can.

· Exhale and tense the abs when getting hit to the body

· Your guard is down when you're leading

· Turn in the hip for the Thai Kick, and work on the front kick a lot

Action Items – Bobby

· Learn more basic offensive striking techniques

· Learn basic defenses- Parry, blocking, catch, roll, cut

· Aim the lead hand so that you telegraph less.

· Work some rounds on defense only

· Move in circles (instead of straight back) on defense

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