Thursday, April 20, 2006

I come to you with empty hands?

In Hock's article, "Lessons of David Carradine and Billy Jack - Empty Hands Combat", he shares his feelings on the term and usage of the term "Empty Hands," relating to self-defense philosophy. Excerpt:

“I come to you with empty hands” is a foolish, misleading and dangerous term that should be replaced with “I come to you with full hands, you son of a bitch!” Fighting criminals and soldiers is a prospect we cannot gamble with. Fighting with empty hands should be the very last thing you do, after you have exhausted every weapon on and around you, tried every trick, spit your last drop of saliva into his eye.

Sound too extreme? So you think that the fair play and empty hands doctrine places us above the enemy? Higher moral ground? These days higher ground counts only in a shooting war, with the sun at your back. Might we degrade ourselves to the cursed status of being "like him?” Guess again grasshopper, because we will never be like him. There are good guys and bad guys and we will never be like him.
It's good. Read it all.

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