Saturday, April 01, 2006

God help me, I do love it so!" and how to win every time

I do love a good quote, too. The aforementioned quote is from the movie, "Patton," and I'm trying to find out if it's actually attributable to him, or if it's just a good movie line. It does, as I've mentioned to my estimable training partners/students, accurately describe how I feel about the clash of wills, pain, and sweat that occurs when we "fight." I can't help myself sometimes, and that's why I'm not always the best fighter I can be. Why do feel such happiness from being the recipient of a well executed technique or tactic? Why do I exult in the stress of the struggle in a clinch, or in landing a perfectly timed counter or 1-2? I don't know. Must be something wrong with me!

Here's another "Get there the fastest with the mostest." It was either General Nathan Bedford Forest or Napoleon. If you can find out who, I will buy you an iced tea! That describes how to win a fight every time. Fighting isn't sparring, where you touch gloves, step back, then go at it. It's a full-bore clash of bodies and wills. Whoever gets there the "fastest with the mostest" wins. Make sense? Not as easy as it sounds, but that's it in a nutshell, whether we're talking planes, tanks, squirt guns, or checkers. Commit!

[Photo - Big Jack versus little Nemo. Jack was the dominant cat in the household until little Nemo came on the scene. Even as a kitten, Nemo was able to more than hold his own against Jack, a male more than twice his size. Why? Nemo had the will to fight, and Jack likes a good nap more than the trouble of dealing with the little critter.]

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