Saturday, April 08, 2006

Eye protection for "reality" training

I have a scar on the bridge of my nose and one in the middle of my forehead from toe and finger nails, and those attacks could have just as easily have put out my eye. After I became a father and got tapped or jabbed on the eyeball when they were just toddlers, it made me realize just how vulnerable we are to eye attacks.

Hence, for about a year we've been training with eye protection. We find that it makes you take eye attacks into account in everything you do- sparring, grappling, and weapons. In addition, you learn to use eye attacks without inhibition. You will not use what you don't practice. I also find I can spar with eye jabs, and when you lead with an eye jab, it MUST be defended - it's almost involuntary, so it creates great openings.

Mike got a different pair of goggles than Sam and I, and has been getting cut for about three or four weeks. It seems like every time head contact is made, he gets a cut. I started calling him "Rocky!" Sam and I use Z Leader Model no. MH0303. It's listed as "Champion" on the site. They were also the least expensive at Sports Authority at ~$12.99 or so. "Bloody" Mike is hereby suspended until he gets some!

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