Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Why I love body shots!

First of all, get your mind out of the gutter!

Body shots, whether with the hands, forearms, elbows, or knees and kicks, are excellent tactical weapons because they can put your opponent down without permanent damage. Probably all of you know what a good shot to the head can do, and it's dangerous and serious - concussions. An accumilation of blows to the head during a boxing match may not knock someone down or out, but the damage to the brain can kill. In numerous cases, a fighter will pass out, then die hours after a bout. Body shots, on the other hand, will put your opponent on the ground for a submission, or take away his will to fight.

Benefits of targeting the body:
  1. The body is a large and accessible target. No one can cover the head, torso, and legs all at once, and once you are in range, something is always open.
  2. The closer you get, the harder it is to defend every part of the torso. Depending on your orientation (left or right lead) with respect to your opponent, either the back, front, or side is ALWAYS open.
  3. A good diaphram shot will prevent the fighter from taking a breath, and leave him gasping. If you hit someone when he's breathing in, it causes a spasm in the diaphram, and involuntary gasping for breath. Try it.
  4. The "solar plexus" punch will put everyone down. There is a collection of nerves just below the sternum that, when struck with a sharp (snappy) blow, will put anyone down. Again, involuntary.
  5. A [correction] hard shot anywhere on the torso may cause so much pain (it's an ache, really) that a fighter will just give up.

Give it a shot! [Sorry, I couldn't help it!]

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