Sunday, March 19, 2006

Training Log 2006-03-18

Participants: Nathan, Sam

Group Training Objectives


  • Thai kick
    We drilled the Thai kick on the shield. Sam's power has increased tremendously with better technique. He now steps across with the lead foot (with the toe out) before delivering the kick. He also turns it over just before hitting the target. I think it's the strongest I've had to hold for, which I told him.
  • Grab-releases for arm, shoulder & and sleeve
    We know these so well, it was nothing. Didn't spend much time on it.
  • Thai kick defenses
    We drilled for several 1 min rounds. Sam wasn't that familiar with the cut kick, so we worked on that for a while.
  • Prone defensive position
    Decked each other with the shield, then fended off the attacker with bicycle kicking.
  • Sucker punch
    Sam needs to work on this. Strike first if you feel threatened. Otherwise, when you wedge blocked, your counters weren't all that effective.


  • Falling to rear
    Sam's got this down.
  • Defend versus shove & punch
    Same as sucker punch. Sam needs to work on more effective counters. We worked on parrying the shove from a prayer block/wedge position, and he got that down.


  • Grab and punch defense
  • Falling to side

Sam's technique and core (abs and lower back) conditioning contributed to his vastly improved power in the Thai kick!

We drilled defending the Thai kick. Notice the turn-in on Sam's kick.

Protect your head! It's nearly impossible to distinguish between a Thigh kick aimed at the leg, body, or head. Consequently, at kicking range, you must keep the guard high and out. Arm should be at 90-degrees bend or greater. If not, it will be painful!

Sam demonstrates the Thai cut kick counter to a medium or high Thai kick. Remember to keep the hands high and out, in case you mis-time it and have to block the kick with your arms, and because when you land, you're in punching range. This is one of the best counters possible to a Thai kick, because, like any stop-hit, it completely shuts down the lead-off move, while simulataneously defending and countering. When done properly, "no can defense!"

Sam also increased his knee strike power nearly 100%. Pull the opponent's head toward you, and drive the hips as you throw the knee. Sam demonstrates excellent technique here. Notice he's up on the toes of his supporting foot for maximum follow-through.

Sam got fancy on me, and even threw a flashy spinning back kick. Being the superior fighter I am, I blocked it, of course. I also bounced off the table visible behind me, but let's not nit pick. He used it at the right time, too - I was visibly winded, and not moving too much. That was a good tactical decision.

Not to be outdone, I threw in a little flash of my own, and did a jump spinning back kick, one of my all-time favorite techniques. You may notice that I missed, but that's not important. Keep in mind that I didn't want to have to explain Sam's death to Lisa, 'cause I understand he's been teaching her to box and I'm no dummy [quiet!]!

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