Sunday, March 12, 2006

Heard from an old friend - Brian Furlano

I just heard from my former sparring partner, and oldest friend, Brian Furlano (see old post He's doing MMA now, and told me that the guy he works out with is going to be on the upcoming season of "Ultimate Fighter" on Spike TV. As I get more info on his friend, I will post on it, and try to follow the season. Brian tells me that his friend's a heavyweight, and feels that he could've done very well this last season, but had to refuse the invitation because of the birth of his child. More on that later.

Brian has always been dedicated to his training, and I'm proud to say, has kept in shape consistently since we worked out together in the mid-late 80s. He's always kept up his training on his own, and has trained in JKD, BJJ, Muay Thai (with me and one other instructor), and Western boxing. Did I miss anything, Brian? He's also my original grasshopper, and has definitely snatched the pebble ("Kung Fu" TV show reference for you uninitiated!). Unlike me, Brian has always been disciplined about diet, exercise, and training. He's definitely Cobra-Kai!

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