Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Head Butts - use 'em or not?

Read Head Butts "WHEN HEADS COLLIDE!: by Hock Hochheim. It's an excellent explanation for why he advocates against using head butts as tactic. For many years I have held that your opinion isn't worth squat unless you can tell me why you hold it. In other words, hold your views and opinions up to the light of reason and see if they square with reality.

Regarding head butts, I used to teach them as a valid technique without ever having used it "live" myself. I can tell you that it could work, but I'd recommend against it. I have broken up to three slabs [see photo above of two] with pencil spacers with a head butt, and lots of boards. The last time I broke with my head, my girlfriend (now wife) told me that I had a "glazed look in my eyes," and I knew I was stunned-no dazed.

Excerpt from Hock's article (read it all!).

'Hock I am writing to you, because you have made a case against head butts. I am a certified instructor under ____ _____ and his Filipino Concepts. As you know from personal experience, ____ emphasizes head butts. I am also a police officer in _______, Indiana. One night I interrupted a burglary of a pharmacy. A crew was at work and they posted a lookout on the street. I questioned the lookout. He had no answers for my questions and I attempted to arrest him him. A fight ensued. We grappled each others arms. I got his his head and had a clear head butt and tried to drive my head into his nose...

When I woke up. I was down on the sidewalk. Hock, both my pistol and badge were taken from my body. The burglars escaped. They did not finish the burglary, but they got away with my badge and gun. I realize that I had knocked myself out when trying to use my head to hit his head.

This has been a joke at my department. Once at a pistol qualification the guys taped a helmet to my target. Like I would use a head butt instead of a bullet. I could have been killed! I had practiced and simulated head butts for years, never really doing one. Now I know what happens when I really do one! Never again ! We have never recovered my gear.'

[And "God did not make your head to be an impact weapon!" - W. Hock Hochheim]


Jeff said...

The only redeeming quality of the movie "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" was the quote, "With headbutts, nobody wins"

Not speaking from any sort of personal experience.

Nathan at TDA Training said...

Ha ha. Love it! Enjoyable movie, too.