Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Realistic Street Self-Defense

If there's one thing I know about self-defense, it's that whoever hits the other guy first, the fastest, and the hardest usually wins. That simple.

Other than that, this article by Sensei Mitch McConnell (Sensei Mitch: "Takin' It To The Street") hits quite a few proverbial nails on the head, then gives some practical advice and technique breakdowns.

Most of the popular Martial Arts came up glaringly short in two major areas : 1)
Realism as it relates to the unpredictability of an opponents attack AND reaction to Karate/Kung-Fu techniques 2) The recognition that the vast majority of real rumbles eventually are 'taken to street' literally in the sense that the confrontation will likely end up on the ground and that all of the striking skills in the world won't do you much good once you're there.
My only input (at this point) is that the these are all high-level skilled techniques, with respect to the complexity of the techniques detailed. My meaning is that it will take drill and composure "under fire" to pull these off. Repitition of this type of training while also drilling and simulating the stresses involved will make them successful.

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