Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sticking with your plan (if it's a good one)

Mike and I worked out this morning, and this point came up - stick with your plan (if it's a good one)!
We boxed about three short rounds (I'm getting rusty at it! Too much with MMA), and here's what happened, from my perspective:
R1 I used circular footwork and counterpunching. Mike pressed the action without trying to really commit. There wasn't much infighting.
R2 I started picking my shots and leading off, instead of laying back and countering. It was pretty effective-I was fresh at the end of the round.
R3 I went on the attack, pouring it on. I went after Mike, and he said (during the round) that he was frustrated by getting hit. After I would connect a few times, he'd be thinking about what just happened, and I'd attack again.

What was my plan? Just what I did - coast, then counter, then attack. It worked, because I was fresher at the end than I'd normally have been, and I was able to execute what I wanted, and when I wanted.

I told Mike that what would have worked against me was to move more, instead of trying to attack so much, and that I was able to get in a lot with my lead right because he was stationary. It was even worse in round 3 when he was getting frustrated. He would, after getting hit with my lead-off combination, try to throw a barrage, and was getting hit on the way in. He did commit very well with a couple of jabs, and they created openings, but he didn't follow up.

Remember this?

3 Cs of Defense:

  1. Circle the opponent
  2. Cover/Guard hand up
  3. Counter when able

3 Cs of Offense:

  1. Close the gap safely
  2. Cover by keeping the guard hand up
  3. Clear the engagement safely – plan this before closing the gap

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