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Training Log 11-19-05

Training Log 11/19/05
Participants: Nathan, Sam, Mike

3 Cs of Defense:
  1. Circle the opponent

  2. Cover/Guard hand up

  3. Counter when able

3 Cs of Offense:
  1. Close the gap safely

  2. Cover by keeping the guard hand up

  3. Clear the engagement safely – plan this before closing the gap

Training Summary:

  • Reviewed all 6 Cs

  • Practiced stop-hits with jab + straight

  • Infighting - Check, step-around to the right, Double-hook, then a short right as he turns

  • Sparring round-robin
    R1, Sam & Mike Boxing - Sam had several nice 1-2s, but no clearing, and left the guard hand "at home," according to Sam. Mike successfully used the circling tactic to disrupt Sam's offense later, as did Sam.
    R2, Nathan & Sam Boxing - I had a flat rear foot, and so couldn't slip & counter. Sam was aggressive, but wasn't clearing. I forgot my headgear! Sam was fighting tough, thinking, but firing a low jab. I thought l was countering well.
    R3, Mike & Nathan Boxing - Mike used the circling footwork very well, making it touched for me to lead off. I got in with a right lead, and scored well with good combinations, but then took the rest of the round off, 'cause I was pooped. Mike then took advantage of my immobility, landing a picture-perfect 1-2!
    R4, Sam & Mike Boxing plus knees - Interesting round. Sam continued his aggressiveness, marching forward in Frazier-like faster, and Mike was looking for the knee counter. Mike's distance for punching seemed off, but he executed a perfect right roundhouse knee, including the latch, but there wasn't any follow-up lock for more punishment, but it was nice to see. When Sam locked him up at the end of the round, however Mike ducked! What's up w/ dat?!!!! We need to work on it.


Attack vs. Stop-hit counter
Lead left Hook vs. Straight right
Right overhand vs. Jab
Backfist vs. Side kick

Action Items:
Mike: - Continue to work on circling tactic to improve defense. You’re getting it, but when someone starts to cut you off, circle the other way. Be unpredictable. Better yet, lull someone into thinking he knows what you’re doing, then do something else!- You hit the nail on the head when you told me today (11/23) that you’ve got to stop doing the pawing, uncommitted, short jab. It’s getting you killed! Jab fast and committed most of the time so that an opponent has to respect it.
- You’re closing fine, but not clearing. Plan the clear before closing in.
- You’re getting pretty good at straight-line attacks, so now work on adding in hooks, uppercuts, and overhands to your repertoire. Remember inside-outside, high-low, and any combination thereof. You now do only inside in conjunction with high-low.
Currently, your front kick’s ineffective because you throw it short. Ask me to show you.

- Your offense was much improved today. You were striking through the target on your right hands, thought not on your jabs, and your forward pressure was too much for Mike because he was going straight back. This is a good strategy for him, but I’d still work on planning an attack tactic, then a clearing tactic prior to leading off. This will make you less vulnerable when someone counters. - Watch some boxing tapes for footwork instruction and improvement. You still get out of position sometimes. You seems to be on or off, depending on when you focus on it, so you need to shadowbox with good footwork so you develop the habit.
- Another improvement is guard hand. With only a few exceptions your guard was up. I reminded you about it, then it closed up a lot. Your main problem with it is when you’re jabbing on the way in – exactly when you need it most. Reps!
- Front kick! You led with it way too often, and didn’t plan for what to do when it was blocked. Use the front kick to set up the hands, not to connect as a lead, ‘cause all but the rawest beginner will block it or get out of the way. Later in the kicking round with Mike you started to connect to great effect because you used it to blast him as he went straight back to get away from your hands. It was textbook. Ask me.

- Besides being fatigued, which more time and training will resolve, I have a lazy lead hand, which allows opponents in without paying a price. Keep the lead aimed! - Circle! Practice what you preach there - Inconsistent clearing - Not staying covered in close! Why? Get that guard up! - Uppercuts to the head are such a good punch – use it. - Backfist, both horizontal and vertical are great leads and counters - Topfist works
Next Training:
Bring your footgear, goggle, groin cups, and other pads!
  1. Mr. Sam warmup

  2. Mr. Sam: Review Dae Ryun Hyung through Palgue Chil Jang, learn Palgue Pal Jang, review Koryo

  3. Integrating front and roundhouse into offense

  4. Sucker punch defenses with follow-up

  5. Spar with knees, front kick, and roundhouse (Nathan & Sam)

  6. Wrestling for knee position

  7. Burnouts with knees and body kicking. We will be wearing goggles, MMA gloves, and footgear for entire training.

  1. When drilling, intent! Commit, or you're wasting time

  2. Stop-hits are about timing, so you need to drill them repeatedly

  3. Always check ABOVE the elbow or else the hand is still free

  4. Sam asked about increasing hand speed
    A. Practice fast and,
    B. Increase
    apparent hand speed by:
    Keeping hands in motion to decrease inertia
    Firing in a straight line, level with the eyes
    Weapons before footwork – no telegraphing always!

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