Wednesday, February 01, 2006


  1. Download and read Hock's PDF article called, "12 Combat Commandments from the School of Hard Knocks" ( Read it and come prepared to discuss it when we're stretching after burnouts.
  2. Mentally prepare to begin leg-kicking now. We're going to work the low checking kick, the quick roundhouse/pendulum kick, the Thai kick, and start kneeing the thighs (outside knee/inside), and groin. WEAR YOUR CUP!
  3. Start focusing on adapting your training to more "realism" with our open-hand MMA gloves: grab, check, locks, throws, and grappling will be worked in. I want to start drilling versus untrained or irrational attackers, and multiple attackers. I want to start using the mats we have available.
  4. I plan to start interviewing each of you (on tape) after training to get your thoughts. I want to know what you were trying, what worked, what didn't, what you want to concentrate on next, etc. You will appreciate it as you watch the tapes because it will clarify what you're watching, and give you perspective on how far you've come.

Mike is approaching his two-year anniversary, so smack him in congratulations! Sam, when did you start training? '94? At any rate, you're old!!!!

See you Saturday!


SBertolino said...

I started training in September 1991! 15 years ago! Anyway - I like the note about realism with the MMA gloves. One technique that I use from time to time is when I am getting blitzed and crushed in the clinch I just put my hands on my opponent's chest and push him straight back to clear. Not fancy, not highly technical but it gets me out of the meat grinder.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Thanks for the update, but that confirms what I said about you being old!!! :-) Anyway, I haven't heard back about me only being a month younger than you!
I keep thinking about what's again "the rules", like holding and hitting. Why can't we grab behind the neck and punch (I do)? Because it works, but it's not pretty!
In the clinch, try clearing with the forearm to the chest (face outside of training). It leaves one hand in to guard. I like it though-I do remember you doing that a lot, now that you mention it. Thanks- NDT