Saturday, February 04, 2006

The fastest technique

Watch this Flash video (must have Macromedia Flash installed) of an all-time great teaching the "fastest self-defense technique." He angles his body differently than I do, but he explains why, and I'm going to change my tactics as a result.

Excellent lesson. Takes about 5 minutes to watch. What I picked up from it:

  1. Always "take away the eyes first" - use the eye jab - it's the quickest technique
  2. Close off your centerline so that your most vulnerable targets (throat, solar plexus, groin) are taken away by position. Do this by positioning yourself sideways. You can then use your shoulders as a blocking tool
  3. He uses a non-threatening defensive position for his hands (crossing the arms) that provides more protection (the hands are up), while not displaying or telegraphing your skill a la fighting stances. Note- he doesn't put his lead hand under his other arm so that he can use it for blocking, leading, or countering.
  4. Gesticulate with the lead hand so it becomes a guard or stiking hand which protect the face.
  5. Use talking to de-escalate the situation
  6. He likes to use the two-finger flick into the eyes (an eye jab). It has no wind-up or other telegraph, and is, "almost impossible to block."
  7. The eye jab make the head snap back, bringing the groin/hips forward
  8. Follows up with an upward knifehand or hammerfist into the groin with the lead hand from an angled stance, which brings the head down
  9. Finishing with a back-knuckle (fist) to the temple or carotid

"Learn to fire that technique (the eye jab) from wherever your hands are." Don't "set" or prepare it, just throw it.

Mr. Lewis at 60!!!!!

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