Tuesday, February 28, 2006

5 Brazilian-Jujutsu Techniques for Females, and the rest of us!

Whether you teach women's self-defense (WSD), as Mr. Bertolino and I do, or just want to be able to effectively defend yourself, there are few systems or styles more battle-tested than BJJ (Brazilian Jujutsu), specifically the Gracie family's variety. When I teach self-defense to men, I always start with the techniques that I teach in WSD, for one reason-they're effective. Let me put it this way, if a 110-pound woman can successfully use a technique on me (shamefully, 220-pounds!), then I should be able to use the same technique on a 300-poound man. If not, I shouldn't be teaching it.

I was fortunate to have so many large students. For example, I had a student in the early 90s who played for the Giants, Redskins, and KC (I think) as a defensive lineman. He was great to try things on, and I learned as much as he did. Anyway, this article features techniques from Rorion Gracie’s RapeSafe program.

In summary, unless you're as big as Andre the Giant, read this and learn...

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