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Training Log 1-21-2006

Training Log 1-21-2006
Participants: Nathan, Sam, Mike, Bobby

Due to the rude behavior of Lt. Tim (just kidding!), we had to end way short of when we wanted, and finished at about 8:40 AM.

Today was Bobby’s first training. Darren was working, and unable to attend.

Training objectives:
  1. Learn the warm-up

  2. Review/learn the basics of boxing, front kick, knees, and Thai kicks

  3. Drills on sucker punch

  4. Arm-bars

  5. Finger-locks

Training Summary:
  1. Sam led a warm-up beginning at about 0745

  2. Sam then led us in shadow-boxing. Bobby knows front-hand palm strike, knifehand/open-hand strike, elbows, knees

  3. Drilled basicsFinger-jab – remember, with a lead, weapon, then feet. Fire the weapon, push off the rear foot, then drag it back into the on-guard stance again
    Remember to keep the guard hand in front during the lead – Mike, work on this. Sam, yours looked good
    Step-back, then jab – Remember to do it in that order
    Single jab
    Double jab
    Triple jab
    Lead hook (punch 3), then lead body hook
    Double lead hook (low, then high)1-2 (low, then high)
    Lead-off palm to the nose
    Lead open hand to the side of the head, then rear hand
    Rear uppercut (punch 4) to the head, then to the body
    Lead uppercut (punch 5) to the head, then to the body
    Overhand – remember you can do this with a fist, a ridgehand (not recommended), a knifehand, or an openhand
    Front kicks
    Knees – front, roundhouse, then outside (Mike wondered about the effectiveness. I will show him next week.

  4. Sparring (all w/ MMA gloves, meaning grabs and open-hand strikes are permitted
    R1 Sam vs Mike- Beginning of the round was all at kicking and long punching (1-2-6) range, then was in punching range. Both were effectively using the finger-jab and the rear hand open-hand strike. They didn’t get in close at all to use anything else. Very good use of circular movement. Sam scored about three times with wide rear hands, and Mike once, I believe. At the end, Sam did a nice catch with a rear-hand counter over top.
    R2 Nathan vs Sam- Hands only. We had a much faster pace, more aggressive affair with me chasing and Sam working on countering (the reverse of our typical encounters). My usual lead-off/closing the gap technique was to check the lead hand, or fake a high lead to freeze my opponent. Sam said he threw an elbow to the body that scored (off-camera), and I probably landed a few to the head – they were very effective as an infighting weapon. Control was pretty good to the head, only touches; I think the goggles are working out well. Very fast pace.
    R3 Mike vs Nathan- just hands again. Mike was pretty aggressive, though throwing most everything wide. I was countering more than against Sam, and tried to take a break, but Mike wouldn’t let me. He throw three wide open hand strikes high, then three low straight punches to the body,
    then cleared – nice. Overall decent round for Mike. Not real effective leading off, but once in range does a good job. Throw more straight techniques on the way in to close the gap safely! Slow jab was still used, though.
    R4 Sam vs Mike, kicks to body allowed. Sam was the first one to start using the backfist, and did it well. He threw a backfist to lead off, connected. Threw it again, and connected, then a backfist, skip-roundhouse, and connected with both. Sweet! Mike, where was the guard??!! Sam locked up and used the knee very well. He’s getting good at that. Overall, not a good kicking round for either player, but Mike is getting more comfortable with it.
    R5 Nathan vs Sam- This was a rumble!!! It was a blast, though. We went at it like it was a streetfight (just more acrobatic, skilled, Chan and Bruce Lee-like!)! I went after him hard, and it was like running into a buzzsaw. Sam promptly ripped off my helmet and eye protection, then I did the same later in the round. I spent a lot of time locking him up and kneeing him, threw a Thai kick to the body (blocked), but am getting comfortable working in and out of the ranges and using all the appropriate techniques in said range. I escaped a Thai hold by lifting up his arm and levering it off, rather than ducking out. He then pushed me out of range rather than allowing me to lock him up in turn. I threw a lot of elbows (very effective), and like it!
Action Items:
  • Work on Stance – sometimes lined up too narrow, with the front foot and back on a straight line. This also prevents you from being able to move laterally. This is suicidal!!

  • Have one of us show you the proper guard position. Your DT guard position is defensive, and not universal; problem is that the position doesn’t allow you to fire an effective lead-off technique, only defend. Remember the axiom that the best defense is a good offense? This is true, many times.
  • Work on lead-off techniques to get in. You are too open.

  • No more slow lead. I love when you do it, cause I can always connect by countering with a right over the top. Watch the tape!

  • Still need to work on defending the knee.

  • Work on integrating the techniques and using them at the appropriate range – it’ll take time.

  • Hit the shield to get the range on kicking.

  • Fire through the target with the rear-hand – remember the power of a cross or straight comes from turning the hip, turn the rear shoulder in, then then weapon (cross, straight, overhand, knifehand, etc.). Remember the power comes from the legs and trunk. The only thing the arms do is provide snap and extension. Recommendation: drill making sure the rear heel is turned out completely when the move is finished. Do it slo-mo for a few dozen reps.

  • Drill defensive kicking as a counter/stop-hit.

  • I have a lazy lead hand, which allows opponents in without paying a price. Keep the lead aimed! - Circle! Practice what you preach there

  • Inconsistent clearing

  • Not staying covered in close! Why? Get that guard up!

  • Uppercuts to the head are such a good punch – use it.

  • Backfist, both horizontal and vertical are great leads and counters

  • Topfist works

  • PCJ: Don’t look down! Weight distribution on the back stance is off. Make sure to fully chamber before the low double-knifehands. Is the reverse punch with a kiap (2nd kiap) a medium or high punch? Reach out more for the elbow smash. Timing was right.

  • Mix in overhands more, and don’t let someone clinch if you don’t want to rest.

  • Clear! Get behind the opponent and counter, then clear.

  • Use the shifty footwork.

  • Simultaneous slip & counter.

  • Don’t get hit so much, use your footwork!!!
Next Training:
Bring your footgear, goggle, groin cups, and other pads!
  1. Mr. Sam warmup

  2. Demonstrate arm bars, wrist locks, finger locks

  3. Mike: Integrating front and roundhouse into offense

  4. Bobby: basics. Mostly stance, guard, and movement

  5. Teach the elbows – drills and targets

  6. Sucker punch defenses with follow-up

  7. Thai kick and defenses to the legs

  8. Spar with knees, front kick. Nathan and Sam with all techniques

  9. Wrestling for knee position

  10. Burnouts with knees and body kicking. We will be wearing goggles, MMA gloves, and footgear for entire training

  1. When drilling, intent! Commit, or you're wasting time

  2. Always check ABOVE the elbow or else the hand is still free

  3. If someone tries to check you below the below, hit ‘em!

  4. Sam asked about increasing hand speedA. Practice fast and,B. Increase apparent hand speed by:Keeping hands in motion to decrease inertiaFiring in a straight line, level with the eyesWeapons before footwork – no telegraphing always!

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