Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Proper form on a 1-2 combination

[Click to enlarge pictures]
1. Fire a lead-hand technique (jab, palm strike, back/hammer fist). Step forward simultaneously with the lead foot, and step a little to the side of the opponent.
2. While covering up with the lead hand, turn the rear hips toward the target, turn over the rear heel, then, while shifting the weight forward on to your lead foot, torque the rear shoulder toward the front, then...
3. Fire the rear hand (straight, cross, palm, overhand, etc.) throught the target. Snap the hand back into a guard position, and try to finish with a lead-hand technique or clear immediately - you are vulnerable to a counter. Notice the rear shoulder is up, and the elbow stays high to prevent a counter-hook punch over the right. Also, notice the body position, and that I am firing with the shoulder level with the target. If you want to throw this to the body, get low; don't punch down.


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