Saturday, January 28, 2006

How to counter a blitz or rear-hand jab: Irimi!

This is illustrating a rough/crude imitation of a technique called Irimi Nage (Entering Throw) from Aikido, AKA "clothes-line" in the NFL!
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1. The fighters face off. Their steely-eyed gazes look for non-existent openings.
2. The lead-off fighter makes his move. The counter-fighter is still thinking about what he wants for breakfast after training.
3. The lead-off fighter commits to his attack, a blitzing straight punch to the hungry fighter in the starry white pants, who recognizes the threat, and shifts left, then starts to redirect the attack with his lead guard hand. Notice the right is already getting ready to...
4. The counter fighter decides on settling on the attacker for breakfast, and commits his weight to his left (front) leg, and brings his forearm across. Notice that the lead-fighter is out of position to defend now, and his lead has been checked.
5. The conclusion of the technique. You can use a ridgehand, and can target the chest with control for less damage, or the nose/head for more. This can be a deadly counter, so USE CONTROL!

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