Saturday, October 15, 2005

Training Diary 2005-10-08

Participants: Nathan, Sam, Mike

None stated

Training Summary:
  1. Mr. Nathan – led the warm-up

  2. Rounds of hand combinations

  3. Mr. Sam reviewed his forms: DRH, KCH, TSJ, TOJ, PYJ. I demonstrated, then we went through PCH, and then taped it.Mike started on the 7-step Roundhouse Kick with a table/chair for support (see below)

  4. Worked on hand & foot combinations, with everything built off the high lead-off jab. Both: Cover jab, then rear-leg front kick to midsection, then the switch-step and step-ahead front kick with the front leg. Tips: Always clear or finish with a hand combination if you land in punching range. Also, when using a cover lead, open the supporting foot as you step in-it makes a smoother kick.Mr. Sam: Added the rear-leg, then front-leg roundhouse cut kicks.

  5. Drill knee counters to the jab and straight right. Tip: Be aggressive with the knee –if the lead-off fighter isn’t leading, attack with the knee, then lock ‘em up!

  6. Handicap sparring – punching versus knees only.Lead-off fighter (puncher) should try to score combinations and keep away from getting locked up or kneed. The counter-fighter should try to be aggressive and use good defensive fighting and counters. When locked up, it’s a free-for-all to get the inside/dominant position. If you are pulled (or duck) into a position where you could be kneed in the face, you are considered knocked out!
    R1 Sam did pretty good keeping Mike away for a while, then Mike got aggressive on a gap in Sam’s punching, locked Sam up. Sam ducked out – KO for Mike
    R2 I was very agreesive with the knee, locked up Mike, then brought him down – KO for Nathan
    R3 Nathan was the lead-off puncher against Sam’s counter-fighting with the knee. Sam almost had me locked up once, I was able to get an arm up on the inside, neutralizing it, then he released me – inconclusive
    R4 Sam punching versus Mike’s knees. Mike was very aggressive from the start, shooting in for a lockup, then Sam was neutralized it by almost getting the inside position, then, inexplicably let Mike go! Mike tried rushing in, but Sam’s footwork was excellent and he was able to work around him and counter-punch.

  7. Sparring
    R1 Mike & Nathan boxing. I was very inactive the whole round, laying back and trying to rest. Mike did a good job of circling around, stalking me, then came in quick and was locked up in a clinch. I explained that I don’t want to just break anymore – unrealistic. We should finish by using the knee (if in the rules that round, or work out of it with a takedown/throw/striking. Mike conclusively won the round at the end with a 1-2, then 1-6, both of which scored. I won’t be resting against him again.
    R2 I then sparred with Sam, using the same flawed strategy against a dangerous opponent, but I was more active in counter-fighting, scoring reasonably well. Sam was more aggressive, but was still jabbing with the short, low jabs I have cautioned him against. I did one thing well toward the end of the round, doing a step-around and punching him while he wasn’t able to counter. I then followed it up with a looooooong, scooping uppercut while running, which Sam deftly avoided and watched me go by. I embarrassed myself by, only narrowly, avoiding flying over the table. Mike mentioned that we HAD to include that in our greatest hits highlight tape.
    R3 Mike versus Sam, and Mike landed a good 1-2, then worked a lot of combinations, working his way around Sam, doing a good job. I did notice, however, that Mike’s chin was nice and exposed, which could lead to some painful consequences! Sam’s chin was tucked, but he was getting out of position as he tried to clear, and when advancing. This was in contrast to earlier, when he was doing the grappling versus a puncher.

  8. Burnout Thai Boxing wrestling for the knee position (30-sec rounds):
    NT vs. MF – I got inside first, then Mike released it. Then back & forth for a few seconds until I locked him up, then Mike went down. KO for Nathan.
    NT vs. SB – back & forth as soon as the bell rang. Sam tried to use my right elbow to escape, then went outside. I stayed on him, pulled him down, then he escaped at the last second before you could call it a KO. I locked him up again after he released, then he countered immediately and locked me up! I managed to get my left in when the round ended. Inconclusive.

  9. Stretching.

The 7-step (rear-leg) Roundhouse Kick
  1. Open the front foot to a 45-degree angle, by pivoting on the heel

  2. Raise the kicking (rear) leg, knee up

  3. Pivot on the ball of the supporting foot, turning the supporting foot’s heel toward the target. Keep the kicking foot level with, or lower than the knee

  4. Fire the kick through the target. Use the instep or ball of the foot for a striking surface. Re-chamber the kick in the same position as step three

  5. Pivot back on the ball of the supporting foot, until it’s open at a 45-degree angle. The kicking leg should still be up, but the foot is aimed at the ground, the knee is up

  6. Place the kicking leg back behind you

  7. Close the front foot by pivoting on the heel

Action Items:
Mike: -MANY, MANY roundhouse kicks from a wall or chair! Keep the knee up! The main problem on the roundhouse is the knee keeps dropping below the kicking foot.
-Stretch a lot, otherwise, your kicks will be greatly limited

-MANY, MANY kicks! On the wall, in the air, lying down, standing up, in the shower*, in bed, at work*, etc! (*Please consult with OSHA before kicking in the shower or at the workplace)
-FORMS:-DRH: Much smoother. Looking before turning. Remember the blocking arm is 90-degrees bend-yours is almost straight. Also, snap out the hand techniques more. Reps.-KCH: Work on the knife-hand position during the chamber of the double knife-hand blocks. Rising blocks are parallel to the ground-should be at 45-degrees. Watch that back leg on the front stance-drive off the leg, then land the front leg. If you do that, the rear leg will be in the proper position.
-TSJ: Tiger stance is too short-if you chamber your foot for a front kick, then place it straight down, it will be in the right position.-TOJ: Make sure to differentiate between the fast-count moves, and the 3-counts.-PYJ: Make sure you have power in the double-punches going to the left & right-SPARRING: Continue to work on good footwork & long jab (and high to cover the eyes). Try to finish all combinations with a left, and use three and five punches at a time. Guard hand. Also, use more uppercuts and infighting – it’s a strength.

PCJ: Don’t look down! Weight distribution on the back stance is off. Make sure to fully chamber before the low double-knifehands. Is the reverse punch with a kiap (2nd kiap) a medium or high punch? Reach out more for the elbow smash. Timing was right.Sparring: Mix in overhands more, and don’t let someone clinch if you don’t want to rest. Clear! Get behind the opponent and counter, then clear. Use the shifty footwork. Simultaneous slip & counter. Don’t get hit so much, use your footwork!!!
Next Training:
Bring your footgear, goggle, groin cups, and other pads!
  1. Mr. Sam warmup

  2. Mr. Sam: Review DRH through PYJ. Check Tae Geuk Pal Jang.

  3. Defending the front kick

  4. Sucker punch defenses

  5. Spar with lotsa kicks.

  6. Burnouts with knees and body kicking. We will be wearing goggles, MMA gloves, and footgear for entire training.


  • My hair is thinning, Sam’s is really thinning, and Mike is bald. Soon, we are going to be three old, but tough, bald guys!

  • I want to start doing 30-second self-defense rounds

  • I want us to hit the other man when he’s down. Escape should use environment (tables & chairs)

  • I want to start doing more self-defense

  • I want us to do some two on one

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