Sunday, May 15, 2005

Training diary 5/14/05

I haven't had a lot of time to devote to the blog or anything else. I am working on finishing up my college class this Monday, and have a lot of work due now. Brief comments:

Participants: Nathan, Mike

  • We worked on target practice, the "slippery pig" defense drill vs. straight punches, then working the knee into sparring, and stepping around the opponent.
  • Mike, you are doing fine-don't be discouraged. Remember, journey, not destination, etc.
  • Jab is steadily improving. Keep working on pumping the double and triples with full extension so you don't get hit on the way in.
  • Time to get speedy without being sloppy. Work on quick punches in the mirror WITH PRECISION. Use the PD gym or whatever mirrors you can find. Be a keen observer of your technique. Use the videos. They are your best friend.
  • Hook is getting better, but it's still too tight. Make it fluid, quick, and relaxed.
  • Your endurance will get better with sparring and shadowboxing.
  • Try to anticipate, slip, and simultaneously counter.
  • Work on fighting when you're tired. How can you nullify an opponent's advantages when you're fighting and out of gas? Tie him up? Push and check? Just block and move? Pump your jab? Think about it, then try it...

Next week: slippery pig, full nelson defense, front kick, knees, and leg kicking. Sam: Tae Geuk Oh Jang, review TSJ, and more Koryo. Sam, start kicking and ramp up the endurance training. Sparring day will be the toughest part of this test. Questions?

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