Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Training diary Sat. 1/22/05

Notes from training.
Sam, Nathan

  • It's OK to take big steps when clearing. When retreating, or when advancing, you should take the controlled steps-keeping your feet under you. When clearing after firing or leading off, OK to take the big steps.
  • Don't slip the jab to the inside. When going that way, you'd better be firing or you'll get tagged with a big right hand. Examples are slip to the outside and hook over the right (when it comes), or slip inside and simultaneously counter with a high jab to protect yourself. Depending on what happens, open up while moving around your opponent.
  • Commit, then clear. Don't lead off, then stop in front of your opponent. If we're going full power and you knock someone out, then so be it, but until that time, MOVE!
  • Work on your 1-2 combination and keep the right foot under you. Remember to drag it up till the right knee almost touches the left as the right hand reaches extension.
  • Sam, you close without leading too much. Being in range without the protection of the long-range jab is hazardous.
  • When you are targeted by the right hand, move to your right and parry. Circle out to buy time, or attempt to step behind the opponent to create many fine openings.
  • Nathan needs to work on dirty fighting when tired: clinching, covering up, bumping, and checking.

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