Monday, June 28, 2004

Training diary from 6/26

Unfortunately we were unable to use the training room (large conference room), but it was a good opportunity to take advantage of the mirrors in the gym.

Mike was videotaped to and worked on the following:
Blocking the jab
Parrying the jab
Jab (1)
Jab-Straight Right (1-2)

I worked on the same and snap-back and slipping jab defenses.

We covered the general importance of the jab and its many uses.

Mike, remember the observation of the stance and how it can affect your ability to throw the rear hand, and defend your left side. Remember to point the big toe of your lead foot at your opponent, and you should OK. Also emphasized that your lead hook needs a lot of work. Use the hips for the power!

More to follow and illustrations from the training video (once I view it!).


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