Saturday, July 06, 2013

Nice tips on training kata

"Creative Ways To Train Kata" at Martial Views. 

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Aaron Sher said...

I have a problem with his comment "Do the kata 100 times in a row. Uh, no." *Knowing* kata has no value whatsoever. If you don't train them repetitively, you're wasting your time learning them. I have a feeling that this is why a lot of people feel that kata are useless - because they don't put the time in to get value out of them.

If you've never done it before, take one of your kata and commit to doing it a few hundred times (depending on the length of the kata, a reasonable number could be 100 or 1000). Pay attention while you're doing it, don't just repeat it on automatic. By the end, you'll find that you've discovered a lot of subtleties in the set that you didn't know were there.