Monday, October 31, 2011

Grip Training for is for Everyone!

Grip is key in combat or sport
For combat athletes, the need for a good grip is obvious!

Rob at is right about the grip: "Do not allow this small body part to lose a big fight. The hands are not to be taken for granted during training and should be strengthened like any other body part to avoid injury and weakness." If you have ever grappled at all, you know how critical the grip is in being able to defend or secure a hold. So, grip is essential for grappling arts and competitors, and for MMA, but why do I say it's for everyone?

Real warriors need to get a grip

Simply put, a strong grip and can be the difference between life or death in a situation where you need to retain a weapon or disarm someone. An officer or soldier making an arrest is will constantly use his or her hands to get, and retain control of a compliant or resisting subject. A good grip of the clothing limbs, or wrists and hands of the subject can mean they stop resisting in the first place, or them getting free and running or, worse, attempting to take an officer's weapon

Additionally, all serious martial artists and warriors with training in blade and impact weapons knows that the grip is the key to a powerful slash, strike, or successful block and parry. A weak grip is a dropped weapon, guaranteed!

Any time you need to climb up or over something, you realize the weakness of your grip in seconds. You need to be able to hold up your own body weight for an extended period, and be able to pull yourself up and over obstructing fences, walls, and ladders. So train your grip!

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