Thursday, September 01, 2011

Defend Yourself From Kicks while on the Ground (video)

It's Technique of the Week Day - Krav Maga
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In the event of an attack, there is a high likelihood that members of one or both parties WILL go to the ground, for whatever reason-slip and fall, takedown, throw, or as a result of a strike.

Black Belt Magazine’s Facebook page has posted this video as their technique of the day . Their description: “In this vid. clip, Yanilov demonstrates a series of krav maga defenses against variations of the front kick.” Video after the jump.

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1 comment:

SenseiMattKlein said...

Good video Nathan. In BJJ, we are learning how to get up fast. Just like this guy, we prop ourselves up on our side, but kick with the lower leg while using the upper leg to get up. It works great.