Monday, May 09, 2011

Does Judo Cause Terrorism?

Is Judo the art of choice for terrorists?

A lighthearted title, based on my heavy posts about bin Laden last week. This was tweeted by Black Belt Mag, and is a great find!

A top Taiwanese judo coach says he trained Osama bin Laden in Saudi Arabia in the 1980s and remembers his serious demeanor.

Take it easy on me in the comments! LOL.

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Craig Willits said...

That's Tweet of the Week, for sure! File that one in the "I wish I thought to say/write that" file.

If judo caused terrorism, Gene LeBell would rule the world. Just sayin' ;^)

Thanks for keeping it light. Can't be serious all the time - life would suck.


Nathan at TDA Training said...

LOL! I had to use that title. Not sure why. One can only wish bin Laden had studied tap dancing. Oh well.

Hmmm. Osama bin Lebell. Nah! I can only wish that Gene LeBell had been his instructor. He'd have wrung him out good, as he says.

Thanks Craig.