Friday, April 08, 2011

Distance and Awareness-Blade and Gun (Video)

Watch the video in full – does it change your awareness of anything?

This begins a guest post series with three of the best writers on martial subject matter in the business: TGace of The Things Worth Believing In, Patrick Parker of Mokuren Dojo, and Adam of Low Tech Combat. Over the next few days they will share their views on the drill and what it means to them in training, or what it can teach the rest of us.

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Craig Willits said...

Looks like >Wim Demeere has already posted a comment on the video (and an insightful one at that). Looking forward to reading the three guest posts - should be interesting!


Martial Arts Spectrum

Wim Demeere said...

Ehm, didn't mean to jump the gun or steal your thunder there. I saw the video in my RSS reader and didn't scroll down so I missed the part about the upcoming series.
Good luck with it. Looking forward to see what everybody has to say.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Hey, hope you gentlemen are doing well today. Wim, no problem at all - thanks for the link and comment. I'll check it out and probably write a response post and link back. Thanks Craig!

My intent was actually to let the guest-posters be heard before posting myself about it, but I think this shows it's a great conversation-starter.