Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Feature–The TDA Training Daily

UPDATE: Relaunched as The TDA Training Daily with revised content. Some will be politics, war news, but mostly martial arts and training-related posts by some top people on Twitter. I will be tweaking it as the days go by, so check back from here or just subscribe.
We know. We know. Most of your are just happy that we’re actually making your days more bearable by posting here at TDA Training again. We can understand your tears of happiness, but we want to overwhelm you with the value of, not only our TDA Training Facebook Page, but an entirely new feature:
The TDA Training Daily! It’s a big sidebar link thingie, taking up lots of valuable real estate here. But it’s more than that! If you click on said big thingie, you’ll go to The TDA Training Daily, and there you’ll be overwhelmed with joy at all of the great information and posts on all things martial. Far more than even the great TDA Training can bring you.
Go ahead. Try it! We’ll wait for you.
[Faint sound of fingers tapping on the table]
You back? That means you’ve probably spent an hour reading all of the cool posts, so welcome back!
Anyway, it’s a great compilation of tweets and posts by such luminaries as Mokuren Dojo, Ikigai, and others.
Give it a shot, and you can even subscribe via email to the posts.
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