Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Brachial Stun in Action (Video)

Does the brachial stun work? You be the judge.

Knifehand to the neck

Courtesy of the US Marine Corps finest!


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B said...


Way back in the prison days we had to watch a video from the PPCT folks. Basically one officer sitting in a chair who willing received the PPCT version of this. (aka a hammer fist to the neck)

It dropped the big 250lb guard like a bag of rocks. I also saw the same technique used to subdue inmates. For sure it works!

Funny but when I was a teen I can remember making fun of the James Bond karate chop. Not so funny now...

Adam said...

hehe nice one. I think striking the neck area is much more effective than striking the knock out points on the head ie. chin, jaw.. However, it can be more damaging (duh me...) so there are some legal considerations if you need to defend yourself but your life is not in danger. Just a thought.

Chris Melton said...

Wow...I love it. Great video, Nathan

Matt said...

I couldn't really say if this video is "setup" or not, but I have no doubt a brachial strike is effective!

Thanks for sharing this one.

SenseiMattKlein said...

Wow, if it was a setup, it was a pretty convincing one. That is a lot of power concentrated in a small area--causes damage.

Colin Wee said...

That didn't even look very hard. The neck is an extremely sensitive area to target. Get a proper shuto in and it's lights out. I have a story when I was a green belt and did a shuto to the neck during sparring. My partner didn't like it at all and said his eyes felt like they were popping out of his head after that.