Tuesday, September 07, 2010

2011 Dodge Charger Pursuit

What do you think?

Chevy has jumped back in, phasing out the Impala (eventually), and reintroducing the Caprice, in truth the Australian-built Holden, and for is phasing out the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, with it’s replacement being the all-wheel drive, turbocharged V-6 Taurus SHO (rebranded as Interceptor). Take a first look at the response by Dodge, the Charger Pursuit.


Mixed Martial Arts said...

The electronic stability control options on this police spec charger is pretty neat. I'd like to see how it stacks up to Chevy's Caprice PPV in a side by side comparison. I'm glad Chevy is bringing it back, but I think it looks too tame.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Thanks for the comment. My understanding is that the Chevy is going to be quite a performer - perhaps beating the current Dodge. I was at the International Chiefs of Police show, and the Atlantic City Police Security Expo, and it's a nice car - to sit in. The room is comparable, in my subjective opinion to both Crown Vic and the Charger. The trunk room is comparable to the Charger - not that good.

I drive a Hemi Charger every day for my job, and love it, but I also like that it's built in the US. The Chevy will be built in Australia, to my understanding.