Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What are the characteristics of Nathan’s style?


This post was inspired by this excellent Martial Views post: Some Thoughts About 'My Style'. I am attempting to emulate it while sitting here at Big Boy digesting my hot fudge sundae. Not kidding about that. Ironic?

My style’s name: I don’t know what I call my style anymore, personally. This post details most of my training background, so I will try to give you an idea of my personal style without naming it.

Characteristics (in no particular order, and stream-of-consciousness style):

Probably 70% hands, 30% feet, unless I’m feeling really confident (or over-confident). TDA Training - leg kick

Lots of eye jabs and open hand striking, plus elbows and forearms (I love those)

Relaxed, but snappy. Sometimes too relaxed (translation: lazy)

Counter-fighting if I'm feeling superior. I love to see the realization in the opponent’s eyes that he’s made a mistake by going on offense.

Enjoyable body punches with a closed fist, when I flank.

Circular/flanking footwork. I try to get behind and to the side of you.

Checking and bumping style of infighting so that you can’t get set to lead.

Amateurish, but effective ground grappling, but instinctive ground and pound slipping from the bottom due to lotsa boxing.

I always watch for weapons.

I sometimes smile when fighting, cause I like it. Otherwise I will alternate between an evil glare or no expression.

Thai kicks and knees are part of what gives life meaning. I love to Thai clinch

I love defense. For me, that means lots of broken rhythm footwork, I hold still to draw someone in, but when they telegraph getting ready to move, I take a small step so that my opponent can’t get “set” to lead. They hate it! I also love to slip and dodge techniques – making someone miss it a lot of fun, leading to my inevitable concurrent counters. Stop hits!

If you are a good kicker, press the attach and stay in range, sweep, takedown.

If you are a good puncher, I will kick your legs, kick your legs, and mix in some leg kicks. And I like to knee your thighs and groin. I like it dirty.

If you like to grapple, I tend to constantly move laterally, circling away from your rear leg or hand, and throw hard shots to the side of the neck or use a forearm wedge move to the same location as punishment if you shoot for a takedown.

I sometimes, very cruelly, make you miss, then tap you with a finger or two. I am an arrogant SOB. I know it, and need therapy to try to change my ways.

If you are especially scrappy, and like to hit hard, I will hit just as hard, but in a better location. The kidneys, solar plexus, temple, nose, jaw, and forehead are my favorites.

If you are a real a-hole, and actually attack me (not in training, I will not woof or jaw with you, but hit you so quickly and hard that you go down without every completing your attach. I will wait for your telegraph, but not your move. I will finish you without hurting you, if possible. If possible…

I know it’s not the same as Mr. Vesia’s version, but I don’t have his style! Ok, comment or respond with a post and let me know – I’ll link back.

UPDATE: Those who have shared are:

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