Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Strength Doctor

The Strength Doctor

I just met Tim Hull, The Strength Doctor in Ohio while I was on travel. An interesting fellow, I’ve been corresponding on Twitter with Tim, and was eager to meet when I realized I would be in his area.

My impressions?

Tim is a genuine, caring professional who practices what he preaches. Tim Hull is a physical therapist by trade, and has been in the practice of health care for many years. He is also in great shape and has worked with a wide array of patients, from elderly to athletes, and his knowledge base has grown as a result.

My impression was reinforced by Tim’s experiences in sports: basketball, football, and wrestling, if I remember correctly. He’s putting all of that knowledge and experience to use in his new E-book (see his site) “Functional Correction. [The link to the book appears to be bad at this time. I will update it when it’s back up]

I would recommend you check it out, and if you’re on Twitter, follow @thull.

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Tim Hull said...


Thanks for the write up. I had a great time meeting you, was definitely my pleasure. Look forward to meeting with ya again.

The link to the book is now fixed or you can go to and look under manuals.

By the way, love the blog. Some great info!