Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MarksTraining.com: Muay Thai - Elbow Strike


Great post from Marks on the MT Elbow Strike. Click the video to go there and watch.

Muay Thai Elbow

I’ve long taught that the elbow and knee techniques of Muay Thai are among the most effective and simple that can be taught or used in self defense, or in the ring. The video showed the effectiveness well. Any thoughts? Ever been hit by an elbow? Still remember it?


MarksTraining.Com said...

Many thanks for the shout out! I completley agree with you. The elbow and knee strikes are so simple and yet so dangerous too. In answer to your question, I have been hit by both many times, and YES, they are painful (thats if you stay unconscious to feel the pain!)

Stay tuned for a post and video dedicated to the knee strike this Friday!

TheMartialArtsReporter said...

Another one who totally agrees!
Got out of the ring fast enough
not to take an elbow.
I have seen videos of fights
in which MT fighters are able
execute the elbow strike that
the tip of the elbow makes contact
like a slashing knife. Devastating.
I'm going back to planting flowers.

Matt Shannon said...

No doubt Muay Thai, and its elbows, are very good tools to have an use. Ive used them many times and thank gawd Ive never been hit with one. Ive still got relatively few scares and want to keep it that way!

Keep up the good work.