Monday, February 16, 2009

Chiron on intervening in a beating

I know, I’ve been gone forever and a day. I’ve been working on making bread to pay the bills, and should’ve posted on that, to say the least. More in another post.

Just read a post by Chiron called One Full Circle, where he answers a reader’s question about how to jump in on a fight and take down the aggressor. Read it then come back.

Several great points to consider:
  1. You may escalate a situation and something bad could happen after you intervene
  2. You may have no idea what’s really going on. There is a chance that you’re interrupting someone engaged in self defense of the variety that we espouse here at TDA Training, and may view you as another bad guy. Maybe not, but if you don’t know…
  3. You may be saving someone’s life
  4. There’s no way to know if one or either has a weapon (or more than one) unless it’s already deployed. Your intervention may be just the gap in the action to allow them to be engaged – could be bad for everyone
  5. The crowd or a witness may get involved on you
  6. You’ve still got to make a decision. Life is full of risks, and not making a choice is a choice, too.
The point is not to discourage you from helping out, but to think about what could happen. Chiron makes pretty clear, better than I could, what can happen, and advocates control techniques more than strikes (another debate), but gives good reasons, which I respect a lot. The ability to act, and the willingness are two different things, and that should be recognized.

Finally, he recommends always going around with a weapon, and for good reason – the bad guys always have them, whether a physical weapons or an advantage that serves the same purpose.

Be careful. Read the post if you haven’t already.

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