Monday, January 05, 2009

Quote of the Day: Gace on Awareness and Preparation

“I make a habit of finding seating in restaurants where I can see the entrance and most of the room while putting my back to a wall or corner if possible. In my career I do many of these sorts of things; not pulling up directly in front of houses, approaching cars in a special manner, walking into convince stores from the side lot and looking in through the window before entering to buy a coffee&and many others. This is not done out out of fear or paranoia, just out of habit. Awareness and a bit of forethought will keep you alive a lot longer than fighting skills.”Thomas Gace at The Things Worth Believing In

I have many of the same habits, but probably not to the well practiced degree that Thomas does, considering his line of work. The opening of his post quotes from a treatise on the duties of a feudal Japanese warrior tasked with guarding or escorting his lord, and what considerations he should take to ensure the safety of said lord. Should our safety or that of your family take any less importance to you?

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